Wammy! TMA wins a WOMMA!

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Tuesday night, TMA won a gold WOMMA in Technology Implementation for its GameStop The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt experience. The WOMMYs recognize the most innovative, inspiring and impactful marketing campaigns from across the globe. TMA’s Ian Sherwood was on hand to accept TMA’s new piece of hardware and the team couldn’t be prouder.

“I am so beyond proud of this team.  This is richly deserved and is a testament to the smarts, perseverance, and genuine teamwork of this group,” SVP of account management Melissa Taylor said.

TMA created a unique experience to drive awareness for GameStop around the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Leveraging the Google Maps API, we developed a hunt of our own that allowed fans to hunt for monsters all over the globe for a chance to win a GameStop gift card. Clues were shared via social channels in order to ensure hunters knew where to start their quest. Overall, the program generated over 50MM Impressions and helped fans connect to the upcoming title launch. The work was also an OMMA finalist in the retail category for Integrated Online Campaign.

Witcher 3

TMA’ers called on to clean up furry friends

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TMA’ers headed out to the East Lake Pet Orphanage to care from some of our favorite animals this past weekend. The monthly visit got a bit of a twist from the norm. Usually, the group takes the dogs out for walks, out to play, and gives them a bath.



Jodee Bixler (above) was one of the group that helped give baths to 16 2-week old puppies that were covered in fleas that came into ELPO. It wasn’t the highlight of the day to see the puppies come in like that, but by the end of the day, they were all snug in their pens after their baths.

“I love my time volunteering at ELPO because it’s a win-win situation for all involved – the dogs get walks, playtime and lots of love – and we TMAers are contributing to the solution of finding abandoned and orphaned dogs (and cats) homes,” Bixler said. “It’s also great getting to know colleagues that I don’t work with on a daily basis. And when puppies are part of the mix, it’s a triple win!”


TMA Haymaker No. 44| Inspiration for knockout creative

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Every day, someone out there is bringing to life the most innovative and brilliantly off-center ideas and effectively raising the bar on what can be considered “knock-out creative.” The problem with so many people doing so many new activations, inventing so many life-altering branded products and blowing so many collective minds is: how do we keep a pulse on everything that’s happening? Ladies and gentlemen, fear not.

We give you, The Haymaker – your one-stop source for all of the new, bold and inspiring things happening in and out of the marketing world, sourced by some of your favorite TMA teammates and beautifully written and designed by the best creatives in the business. You can thank us after you pick your jaws up off the floor.

Are You In The Mood?:

Put A Post-It On It:

Light Up Your Life (And Your Ads):

Is There Gluten In This?:

Bloody Music To Your Ears:

Smart Caps:

Tinder + Forbes:


Cheetos brings you: Chester’s Pumpkinator

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Last Easter, TMA helped our Cheetos client and Chester the Cheetah create the Eggerator to decorate eggs on a microsite and submit them for weekly prizes. For Halloween, we give you… the Chester’s Pumpkinator.

Initial results have been fantastic with tons of entries and site visitors spending plenty of free time hanging out with Chester on the site and creating pumpkins. Be sure to check it out at pumpkinator.cheetos.com.

Here’s our first go at it! Go out and win some prize money!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.31.56 PM

Q&A: Product integration and its benefits

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Tom Meyer, president of TMA’s entertainment group, did a quick Q&A on product placement, the value of it, and how difficult it can be to integrate a product into a TV show.

Q: What are some of the factors (and costs) that affect getting a product or brand into a TV show?
A: This is one of those topics that is hard to say there is a standard amount for any show.  It’s dependent on a whole host of factors including the popularity of the show (ratings), the opportunity itself and how many times it happens (level of brand exposure), whether or not the integration/placement is incidental or a storyline plot point.  And there are always other considerations like:  how much the show runner likes the brand (sometimes more money gets them interested) and is also dependent on a brand’s relationship with the network.

Q: How can integration really benefit a TV show and the brand?
A: Integration costs to brands are certainly revenue producing for the production studio/network but often the incremental media is the real goal of the network – paying for the hard costs of an integration (if any) and providing revenue back to the stakeholders is definitely important but in today’s world, how the integration deal or deals affect the media equation are usually more important.

Q: How do you compare the value of a TV spot versus integrating a brand into a show? 
A: It’s also hard to compare it to the value of a :30 spot.  Depending on the exposure and the quality of that integration, it is always very subjective. 
I’ve said $100k before, but that was probably in reference to a broadcast network integration vs cable or digital.  The point really is that at that level no one is going to bother or take time away from creating their show unless the money is significant.

BYA for Spring Break: Daylon Goff

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Cabana View

Being that I travel so much for TMA, I wanted to take an actual break from everything. So that’s exactly what I did. I spent 4 days around my birthday in April at the Royal Hideaway Playacar in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Once we got there, I noticed real quick that at 36, we were the youngest people there. Which was perfect for me because it meant that there would be no kids to hijack my spring break. I did lots of relaxing, lots of drinking (the TMA Way), and lots of watching people who obviously didn’t have body image issues.

The weather was absolutely beautiful for all four days we were there. It was my job to wake up at 6 am every morning to secure the best cabana or chair for the day. This was key beacuse if you didn’t put a random book or towel out there by 6:30am, you would be SOL. One day, I even got out there early enough to get a cabana bed (Score)!


On the final day of my trip, I got my Indiana Jones bucket list on, and took a day trip to Chichen Itza. I took a typical tourist selfie, and got photobombed.….just another reminder to never take selfies. It was cool…..but it was blazing hot out there and I got sunburned.


Great trip, great time, and I appreciate TMA for financing yet another entry into the “Where in the World is Daylon” chronicles, and for perplexing my friends, who often jealously ask “Where the hell do you work”?!?!

Daylon Goff is an account supervisor at TMA and has been with the agency since 2012. 

#TheFutureIsNow with #PepsiPerfect

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TMA’s content team is at it again. The team worked with Stun Creative to bring Pepsi “Back to the Future.” TMA helped Pepsi announce these limited edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect that many will recognize from “Back to the Future Part II” when Marty McFly walks into a diner to grab a soda and emerges with a bottle of Pepsi Perfect.

On Oct. 21, Pepsi will release roughly 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect priced at $20.15. Be sure to stay tuned to Pepsi’s social media accounts for where to get the bottles. Meanwhile, watch the spot TMA created.

Want a piece of history? TMA’s entertainment group (Davie Brown Entertainment) was the agency that created and integrated the fictional Pepsi Perfect product in the movie back in 1989.

Wake me up when September ends: Songs for the End of Summer

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TMA creative and planning coordinator Cameron Kirkpatrick debuts his first top 10 list of songs. This week: How to wind summer with a great mix of old, new and a little bit of the unexpected. Cam stars in TMA’s agency band, The Out of Scopes! Check back for more playlists from Cam and the rest of the Scopes to kick off your weekend.

Spotify playlist: http://bit.ly/1KzxlZD

Cam’s personal favorites off the playlist: Ryan Adams’ “Style” and Aerosmith’s “Pink.”

Jenga, Lobsters & Birthdays at the Strait

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On Sept. 16, the New York office’s 2nd Annual Mistake at the Strait was a fun-filled day out on the Hudson River. It was an afternoon out of the office and on a three-story boat that cruised around Manhattan with eats, drinks, and games.

It was a relaxing afternoon full of the best seafood, including fresh lobster rolls and a raw bar. With the roof deck to ourselves, we created the 1st Annual TMA New York Jenga Tournament, where we learned you can, in fact, play Jenga on a moving boat. It was a nail biting challenge but nothing our NYers couldn’t handle, but a few lucky winners claimed bragging rights.

We had three birthdays on board, and there was plenty of chocolate cake to celebrate. Dan was onsite and made sure that we all had plenty of Patron to drink and everyone went home with a Mistake at the Strait t-shirt.

Need a dinner guide to Los Angeles? We got you.

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We always have to be in tune with the hottest spots in LA so when we wine and dine you if you come visit, it’ll blow you away. Check out our list of “go-to” hot spots. Go ahead and start planning your trips!

Cassia – (Santa Monica) New and delicious. Vietnamese fusion and share plates. Connected to a wine shop/bar called Esters (same building) that serves meat and cheese plates. Same family as other popular westside staples Rustic Canyon, Milo and Olive, and Huckleberry.

Scopa – (Venice) Hippest restaurant that’s close to the office. Italian inspired and full bar. Communal tables are the best seat unless you want privacy.

Gjelina – (Venice) Hard reservation and bad service, but the food is delicious. Beer and Wine only.

Gjusta – (Venice) Coolest place to get a $12 coffee. Same family as Gjelina.

Superba (Lincoln Blvd – Venice) – Second coolest place to get a $12 coffee.

Salt and Cast & Plow (Marina del Rey) – Salt (pictured above) is in the Marina Del Rey Hotel and Cast & Plow is in the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey. Good food and place where you can sit outside and have a drink on the water. Not much of a scene, but good food.

Toca Modero (West Hollywood) – Have to be super cool to go here ;) Need a reservation to enter the restaurant. Stays open until 2am for people to drink after dinner.

Bestia (Downtown) – Hardest reservation in LA, but they do take walk-ins if you want to wait 1-2 hours. Great food and cool scene. Nothing else around to walk to, so Uber accordingly.

Café Vida – Great lunch spot. Two locations (Culver City and Pacific Palisades). Balance bowl is the best thing on the menu.

Misfit – (Santa Monica) – Fun spot, but the bar area is a little tight if you don’t have a seat. Great drinks and happy hour everyday until 7pm. Best time to grab a seat is around 730p as the happy hour crowd disappears.

Stella Barra – (Santa Monica) Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group. Great pizza and the purple kale salad with dates is also worth trying.