Life Support: Ronwyn Hubner

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Ronwyn Big

For my TMA Life Support trip, I chose a 10-day, 3,500-mile road trip to Zion National Park and was fortunate enough to visit 10 National Parks and three State Parks on this journey.

Hiking has always been a passion of mine and these were my first hikes after having two heart attacks caused by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissections. My health scares came in August and October 2013, when I survived the Widow Maker right here while working at TMA. My doctors were amazed I survived and I had a total of four stents placed. I thought my hiking days were over, but was given the all clear to go on the trip after another heart surgery in February of this year.

Ronwyn Small

I reconnected with my man, nature and learned to appreciate the natural beauty around me again — all without fear of being too far from a major hospital. I also combined my love of history and visited roadside historical markers along the way. Land transfers to the U.S. government were a big business in West Texas with the typical losers of the deals being Indians and Mexican immigrants.


This was by far the best ‘vacation’ the both of us have ever experienced. I wish I could do it all over again. Thank you Ray, Dan and Brad for this great TMA program!

image2Ronwyn Hubner is an administrative assistant at TMA and has been with The Marketing Arm for over eight years!

TMA Chicago takes on the Big Kahuna

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TMA Chicago set sail on the “Big Kahuna” enjoyed a great day out on beautiful Lake Michigan for its first annual Mistake at the Lake. The party boat was equipped with a slide off the back, food served in the galley and drinks on ice for everyone to enjoy for the cruise. Big 6-foot-8 Jim Biegalski going down the slide has to be one the highlights from the day.

Big shoutout to Ryan Hunter and Aaron Frye for taking the video on the GoPros and also for making the awesome highlight video below. For pictures, head over to the TMA Flickr page!

Delzell: Tiger will be a “Nike guy” forever

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Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.13.30 AM

Matt Delzell, managing director of TMA’s celebrity talent acquisition group, talked with CBS Sports’ Bryan Altman about Tiger Woods’ recent struggles and just how much it’s affecting his sponsors – specifically Nike.

“I think Tiger’s going to be a lifetime Nike guy for what he’s done for the brand, so I don’t think you’ll see a drop. But Nike would certainly have to be worried in the golf space in looking over the should when you think about Jordan Spieth and Under Armour and Dustin Johnson for Adidas,” Delzell (pictured above on SportsCenter) said. “These are guys who are performing well, these are guys who are competing in majors, and Tiger’s just not, he’s not a relevant piece of the conversation right now.”

Altman compared TMA’s Celebrity DBI numbers for Woods, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy to see just how far Woods has fallen off in the eyes of consumers and how Nike must adapt to that.


You can catch Altman’s full article on CBS Sports and read more about how Nike must compete with the likes of Dustin Johnson (adidas) and Spieth (Under Armour).

TMA’ers on panel for Peace Through Business

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TMA’ers  Sara HightowerMike JohnsonClaire de la Chapelle and Corey Lark (from left to right below) presented to Peace Through Business, a business mentorship program for women entrepreneurs in Rwanda and Afghanistan last week.


The program provides women with relevant classes, resources, and mentors in order to help them succeed and pave the way for other women entrepreneurs in their country. The students visited Dallas for a two week business intensive conference and it was there that the group presented to these all-star students, who are hosted by AT&T each summer.

“Speaking to the women was a treat, but the best part of it all was simply meeting them and hearing their stories. I was so inspired by their bravery and amazed at their persistence to make their dreams a reality despite adversity,” Claire said. “It was a delight to encounter their joy that seemed to be unmoved by circumstance, but rooted in the way they view life. So grateful to have a client like AT&T who is committed to equipping women globally in business.” 


Claire and the group were a part of a program that saw business leaders from various industries meeting with the students to equip them with skills to ensure their business flourishes when they return.


Corey was immediately excited to help, but once she learned of the stories of the 23 women the group was presenting to, she was “completely humbled.”

“While each story was different, every single one of them told of perseverance, courage and passion. I’m grateful for the afternoon spent with these women, learning about their lives, businesses, struggles and dreams. Wish I could be there to see them put their new skills and knowledge to work and crush it!”

For more information on Peace Through Business, visit the IEEW’s website.


Life Support: Nowell Upham in Mauritius

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Mauritius (pronounced like “delicious”) is an archipelago island in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 km off the south east tip of Africa. It’s a relatively small island, drivable end-to-end in about three hours. The roads are narrow and curvy and frequently crossed by stray dogs and passengers exiting the local bus. Interestingly, locals tend to park in the street — wherever and whenever — taking up about most of the road.

The island is a mecca for sailing, surfing, kite-surfing, paddle boarding, wind surfing, and all other types of water sports. A typical day for me included a sunrise paddle-boarding trip out to float among schools of dolphins, a watersports lesson in the early afternoon, and an occasional late afternoon excursion into the jungle or to a remote beach.


Except for my younger brother, I didn’t see or hear another American for the entire week. The local culture is a mix of African, French and Indian. I found the food to be terrible, except for the seafood, but I’m not a curry fan. Local favorites included dumplings and fried noodle dishes from street-side food stands. Both were good in a pinch or when standing street-side in my bathing suit. A bowl of home cooked pasta got most of my days kicked off.

My stay was both adrenaline-filled and relaxing. Nights were spent sleeping at a local farm stay, where deer grazed on my bungalow lawn, and frogs, lizards and birds came and left my sleeping quarters as they pleased. Check out my trip highlights below!

Nowell Upham is Executive Vice-President, Consumer Engagement at The Marketing Arm, and has been at TMA for over eight years.

TMA Europe dabbles in the water, kitchen

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This summer, TMA Europe paddle boarded down the River Thames in London and followed that up with a cooking class to learn how to make a beautiful spread of Indian cuisine. Can’t believe it, but they still had time to retire to a local pub for drinks after their long day.

IMG_5119[3][1]TMA’ers get ready to embark on their almost two-hour paddle board session! That’s no joke!

IMG_5135[2][1]After a long trip, the crew showered at the base at Kew and then prepared to head to their cooking class at 6 pm at L’atelier des Chefs.

2015-07-07 18.29.07[1]Once they arrived, the new chefs made a few different traditional Indian dishes including:
— Vegetable pakoras with tamarind ketchup
— Lamb rogan josh
— Saag aloo
— Chana masala

2015-07-07 18.57.46[1]After the class, Oxford Circus provided the backdrop for the group for drinks afterwards. TMA’ers came in from across London and other parts of Europe for the event and definitely had their day of just about everything one could want.

2015-07-08 00.40.03

TMA debuts Art of Inspiration, The Catalogue

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Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.11.57 PM

TMA experiential strategist Danny Litwak has been at this project for four years. It took time, energy and zero budget, but he did it. Art of Inspiration and the Catalogue debuted in Dallas on Wednesday with Danny leading a presentation and discussion around inspiration before he presented the tool he created.

“The topic of creative inspiration is a world I’m fascinated by. Art of Inspiration and The Catalogue are supposed to help you navigate the vague world of inspiration, help get you to whatever creative destination you are searching for, and to give TMA’ers an incredible tool to use daily,” Litwak said.

The Catalogue, set up on Evernote, is a unique tool that allows TMA’ers to stay inspired by looking at ways to innovate based on past campaigns, events and trends.

“Whether it’s reading material, competitive audits or searching for best in class examples of a certain industry, the Catalogue is just another way TMA is keeping our employees on the pulse,” Litwak said. “By no means is the Catalogue perfect, but I think there are always to improve it. I can’t wait to hear what other TMAers have to say and listen to the suggestions that will only make this tool better each day.”

Key Takeaways from Art of Inspiration:
— Listening is key to gaining knowledge to be inspired.
— People think inspiration is a secret to everyone. That’s false. Anyone can be inspired to create.
— Doodling dramatically enhances the experience of learning.
— Don’t be afraid of failure.

Danny’s module of TMA’s Learning, Education and Development program is just the latest new module this year, joining the Art of Presenting series, Art of Negotiating, Art of the Pitch and others that were developed by other TMA’ers. TMA has revamped its training program to place more stress on education to make the programs more of a two-way street for TMA’ers learning and TMA’ers teaching.

Lloyd’s Twitter profile skyrockets after WWC performance

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Soccer: Women's World Cup-Final-Japan at United States

Carli Lloyd buried three of the United States’ five goals in the Women’s World Cup Championship game win over Japan on Sunday. Will brands jump on board with Lloyd after her Twitter following base great by over 50,000 followers? TMA’s EVP Strategy & Innovation Tom Edwards talked about Lloyd’s marketing potential.

Q: Is a jump in Twitter followers like Carli Lloyd received enough for brands to jump on board with a sports star, or not enough?
TE: A jump in followers after an event such as the World Cup can be a signal to brands that an individual may be a viable endorsement candidate. There are other factors such as consumer perception tied to awareness, appeal and relevance to the brands image and potential influence on the brands consumer. For Lloyd, the timing is right as awareness is at a high point over the next few months. 

Q: What mobile marketing opportunities could her following be turned into? Before Sunday, when she scored three goals in the USA’s demolition of Japan in the Women’s World Cup final, she didn’t have many marketing deals other than a PR deal last fall with Usana Health Sciences and a deal to represent Visa through the 2016 Olympics.
 Depending on the needs and demographic make up for a brand, Lloyd will most likely receive multiple endorsement opportunities as she now has a number of key factors working in her favor, awareness, aspiration and influence.

Q: Is there a precedent for this type of phenomenon that is worth keeping in mind for marketers on mobile?
TE: The Olympics provide a good frame of reference for non-traditional athletes that are tied to a moment in time vs. consistent year over year endorsement. The key is to ensure that the athlete aligns with the objectives and persona of the brand and attention needs to be paid to the key demographics and resonance of the sports celebrity.

You can follow Tom Edwards on Twitter at @BlackFin360.

Edwards: Retailers have more mobile opportunities

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TMA’s Tom Edwards talked about mobile’s role for hoteliers and retailers as they continue to find new ways to target potential customers and build loyalty.

Q: What do you see as mobile’s role in the cross-channel experience hoteliers have to consider creating?
TE: It is incredibly important to create clear and consistent programs that are both contextually relevant and provide utility for travelers. Optimizing the cross channel experience to align with the travelers customer journey is key. Creating a compelling on-site experience all through the lens of a mobile first approach can pay dividends for hotel retailers.  

Q: What opportunities are opened up for marketers on mobile with retailers?
TE: You look at the rise of pre-targeting solutions for mobile that allow retailers to connect to topical halos vs. re-targeting through their own site visits. Retailers can deliver compelling virtual reality solutions through mobile devices and enhancing delivery systems such as Google Cardboard, and the potential impact and relevance of the new Spotlight search announced by Apple recently that will add more discoverability within the app ecosystem.