The Risks & Rewards of User Generated Content

User-generated content or “UGC” — whether in a hashtag, text, picture or video format — is at the heart of most marketing campaigns today.  But with an increasing number of lawsuits, from actress Katherine Heigl v Duane Reade to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton v NYT reporter Robert Caplin: how brands are leveraging user content (with or without consent) has become an increasingly hot topic that marketers need to wrap their heads around.

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Experiential Trend: IRL (In Real Life)

EX Trend IRLBy Blake Bowyer, Director of Digital Strategy

With the emergence of devices like the Oculus Rift, Avegant Glyph, and Sony’s Project Morpheus, popular opinion is that virtual reality (VR) is where the world’s headed.  Soon, instead of stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, we’ll strap on a headset and escape to the plains of Africa or go for a stroll on the moon.  It’s true – at some point, that’ll happen.  Like computers, our houses will all have VR devices of varying complexity and use them to take us somewhere fantastical or connect with others.

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Here’s How TMA Bonds Over March Madness

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Originally published in the Dallas Business News

When Jeff Chown and his wife, Mindy, built their new home a few years ago, they modified the plans to accommodate an annual tradition.  They turned a walk-in closet into a walk-up bar and wired the family room so they could have five flat-screen TVs running simultaneously on one wall.

Jeff, an executive at TMA, and Mindy invite the whole Dallas company over for the first two days of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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Victoria’s Secret PINK Finds Success With In-App Scavenger Hunt

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PINK Spring BreakIn the weeks before Spring Break, TMA Wireless worked with client Victoria’s Secret PINK to bring their Spring Break collection to girls in a new, engaging and totally PINK way.  Through a specially developed image recognition and augmented reality scanning feature within their PINK Nation app, girls were able to bridge their digital and physical brand experiences. 

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Marketing Potential In VEVO’s Mobile App

vevo_secondaryimageQ & A with Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation

Music video and entertainment platform VEVO, which recently partnered with Apple to livestream the iTunes Festival from SXSW, holds significant value for marketers in the form of native sponsored content.

What is the potential for marketing in VEVO’s app?

The current solution for marketers in the app is primarily tied to pre-roll ad delivery.  There is also precedent for including small banners in the near future similar to how they are static with the pre-roll content delivered next to the video content on, but that has yet to be incorporated.

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