Project Runway Samsung Challenge Introduces Never-Before-Seen ‘Rainway’

Samsung Project RunwayIn season 13 episode 8 of Lifetime’s Project Runway, TMA Entertainment led the charge creatively by incorporating Samsung’s Curved Ultra HD TV features into the design challenge.  Hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum informed the designers that they had to create an avant-garde look inspired by “the curve” and another unexpected element…rain!

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Garth Brooks Debuts GhostTunes Digital Music Store

Q & A with Ryan Heuser, Senior Director of Music Integration

Garth Brooks is launching, a full-service online music store.  Fans can listen to their music from their personal “locker” immediately upon purchase, without having to download the content to their device.  Fans also can download their purchased content to play with the audio player of their choice on a phone, tablet or computer.  Only and will sell Garth digital music.

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Mobile Sports Innovations: College vs Pros

Q & A with Bryon Morrison, President of Digital

What do you think about colleges using mobile technology to engage fans and enhance the in-stadium experience?

It’s a requirement.  Just as people use mobile as a companion to television viewing, event attendees want to enhance their in-stadium experience.  For first-time attendees, that might be to document and revisit experiences or share the experience with others.  For regular attendees, that could be a second dialogue to the game or access to unique experiences.  The key will be understanding individuals and treating them accordingly.  That’s when it becomes a business benefit.

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JCPenney Celebrates Self-Expression In New Back-to-School Campaign

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.47.06 AMJCPenney is celebrating self-expression during the back-to-school season with an interactive digital experience that shows how the perfect fit inspires kids to stand out and feel one-of-a-kind.  On July 16, TMA and JCPenney launched the “Express Yourselfie” program for mobile web and desktop browsers that allows users to create customized emojis from uploading their personal selfies.

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Wearables & The Quantified Self Movement

quantified-self_By Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation

I was recently asked by ADWEEK about opportunities for brands and fitness wearables.  The discussion focused on utility and the future of the quantified self movement and whether hardware or software is the way to go.  The final portion of the conversation was focused on fashion vs. function and the importance of aesthetics for mass adoption.  Below is my full commentary.

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