How CPG Brands Use Social Media To Drive Purchases

funnelQ & A with Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innvoation

To what extent are food and snacks CPG brands starting to understand and activate social media within the purchase funnel?

Social media has been an integral part of the marketing mix for CPG brands for some time now.  CPG social strategy has evolved with the growth of social platforms and shifting consumer behaviors.  Many platforms such as Facebook are shifting away from engagement as a primary metric and are focusing on reach, resonance and reaction, which align social media activation further down the purchase funnel.  

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Vote For TMA In The iMedia Agency Awards!

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iMedia AwardsThe iMedia Connection’s 2014 Agency Awards is a premier industry awards show dedicated exclusively to recognizing the key role of agencies in advancing digital marketing.  TMA is nominated in three categories:

— Best Agency for Social Media:­ The Marketing Arm/Fanscape
— Agency Marketer of the Year: ­ Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation, The Marketing Arm
— Campaign of the Year: The Marketing Arm/Fanscape — AT&T #BeTheFan

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The Patio Project: LA Office Retreat

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.25.44 AMWhen Zane Cassidy, conceptor/copywriter at TMA’s LA office, arrived on the scene, this outdoor space was in need of some loving attention.  Not only did Zane turn an eyesore into a beautiful meeting area, he also united people from across the agency in the process (both building and sharing the finished product).  Take a look at some photos from before, during and after The Patio Project.

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Project Runway Samsung Challenge Introduces Never-Before-Seen ‘Rainway’

Samsung Project RunwayIn season 13 episode 8 of Lifetime’s Project Runway, TMA Entertainment led the charge creatively by incorporating Samsung’s Curved Ultra HD TV features into the design challenge.  Hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum informed the designers that they had to create an avant-garde look inspired by “the curve” and another unexpected element…rain!

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