Edwards: 2015 Will See the Rise of Dark Social

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dark-socialTMA SVP, Innovation & Strategy Tom Edwards tackled the subject of dark social and where he sees it headed in 2015. An excerpt from the Media Post article:

Dark social is the sharing activity that is somewhat invisible to traditional analytics. It’s the culmination of referrals and sharing of content that originates from instant messages, e-mails containing links, and most recently, the rise of ephemeral social communication platforms such as Snapchat, WeChat and WhatsApp.

A majority of focus today is on social broadcast platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. With the tides shifting toward ephemeral social communication applications as a key driver of sharing, the attribution data of the share — and all of the value that comes with it — is essentially untapped and, in some cases, simply unknown.”

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AT&T Stadium Empowers Fans With Responsive Technology

IMG_4656_att stadium When fans take their seats at The AT&T Stadium this season, one of the first things they’ll see is a brand-new, 130-foot LED display along the east platform.  It’s the AT&T LiveFX Board, and there’s nothing else like it.  The innovation is part of the AT&T Fan Experience Project, led by TMA, with the goal of magnifying the fan experience through technology.

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Seamless digital-to-physical connection key for sports properties

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 4.37.06 PMTMA SVP, Digital Strategy & Innovation Tom Edwards sounds off on the direction sports properties need to take in 2015 to keep up digitally.

Q: What does 2015 hold for sports properties from a digital perspective?
We’ll see a heavy focus on converging media, user-generated content and bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences for fans.  It’s incredibly important to create a seamless digital-to-physical connection and mobile is the key to unlocking this connection, especially for sporting events.

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Purpose Project: Maximizing Fun At TMA

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  Our Purpose:  Inspire the best people to improve daily, think bigger and maximize fun.

We set out to bring the TMA Purpose to life in each and every office through our most valuable asset — our people!  All employees were challenged to submit a work of art that embodied TMA’s purpose statement.  Everyone voted on their favorites, and the top four creators were rewarded with an awesome cash prize.

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How CPG Brands Use Social Media To Drive Purchases

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funnelQ & A with Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innvoation

To what extent are food and snacks CPG brands starting to understand and activate social media within the purchase funnel?

Social media has been an integral part of the marketing mix for CPG brands for some time now.  CPG social strategy has evolved with the growth of social platforms and shifting consumer behaviors.  Many platforms such as Facebook are shifting away from engagement as a primary metric and are focusing on reach, resonance and reaction, which align social media activation further down the purchase funnel.  

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