Adrienne Barber’s Life Support Sabbatical In Europe

Research has shown that time away from the job has been shown to spark creativity. That’s why any staff member who has been at The Marketing Arm for 7 years is rewarded with seven days paid vacation and a $2,500 allowance. And any staff member who has been with TMA for 15 years gets 15 days paid vacation and a $5,000 allowance. The idea is that a week or two away from work and some cash will help them do something that they've always wanted to do.

From   Adrienne Barber, Account Director at TMA:

"The quote 'I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met' might as well be written by me.  I became travel-obsessed with my first passport stamp at age 17 and have been collecting them like crazy ever since.  Recently, I’ve discovered a new interest in photography and wanted to combine both of these passions into the perfect TMA Life Support Sabbatical.

I visited Prague, Munich, Venice, Florence and Rome – all cities I had never visited before in Europe.  In three of those locations, I took one-on-one photography tours with a local photographer and they shared with me technical knowledge, information on the best lighting and of course, unique places to shoot a normal tourist wouldn’t find.  Image-1774339-182187423-2-Web_0_c5f322d6b109fb585804734397733bd7_1

Traveling to one new city provides so much experience and inspiration, but combining a list of several new cities and a way to increase my photography skills on the road – truly made this a unique experience."

View more photos of Adrienne's trip   here.

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