Andrew Thompson’s Life Support Sabbatical In Cancun [VIDEO]

Research has shown that time away from the job can spark creativity. That’s why any staff member who has been at The Marketing Arm for seven years is rewarded with seven days paid vacation and  a $2,500 allowance. And any staff member who has been with TMA for 15 years gets 15 days paid vacation and  a $5,000 allowance. The idea is that a week or two away from work and  some cash will help you do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

From   Andrew Thompson, VP of Experiential:

I attended   Gnarly’s Surf School in Cancun, Mexico to try and  learn how to surf.  The trip was incredible — my surfing — not so much, but I was hampered by a broken toe my first day there.  Needless to say, it was a painfully pleasurable experience!  I did learn the basics of surfing, caught some waves and  enjoyed the open bar at my all-inclusive resort.  I don’t think I will be surfing the pipeline at the North Shore anytime soon, but I now have knowledge if I wanted to try.  Thank you TMA!

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