Bust Your A$$ for Spring Break: Will Adams


Napa 1
This past year, my wife and I have become very interested in wine, which is why it made perfect sense to take my Bust Your A$$ for Spring Break trip to the wine mecca of Napa Valley.  From April 23
-28, we traveled to both Napa and Sonoma to do 13 wine tastings and cave tours. 

Napa 4

On the trip, we were able to learn about the lengthy production processes, different blends, storage techniques and even found quite a few new wines we loved! 

Napa 3

In addition to the wine experiences, we were also able to eat some of the best food we’ve ever tried, loosened our muscles with a great massage, meet new friends and sneak in a round of golf.

Napa 2

One of the highlights of the trip was playing a round at the exclusive Sonoma Golf Club.  At the end of the day, the course won, but I was able to experience something unique.  We can’t wait for our next trip back. 

Will Adams is Regional Area Manager at The Marketing Arm and has been with the agency for three years.

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