CSR Insights for August: You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

From Matt Combs, President of Cause Marketing

But you can try your hardest! It may not (technically) be in your job description, but corporate social responsibility creates employee passion and happiness. Learn the obstacles that prevent mass happiness and turn them into solutions.

As much as we continuously seek to make everybody happy in the workplace, it ends up feeling next to impossible. Sound familiar? However challenging the feat may be, it‟s something every corporate culture aims to achieve. Some may even say that employee happiness is a corporate responsibility. Therefore, a lot of the happiness hype falls upon the shoulders of you – within CSR and the employee engagement sector.

Happiness increases with philanthropy and volunteerism, making CSR a key player in enabling employees to feel valued, have a higher sense of self-perception and life happiness in general. In addition, CSR participation contributes to psychological and emotional links between the employee and their employer and organizational commitment. The advantage to all this (happiness and the challenge of making it widespread) is that positive employees outperform negative employees in terms of productivity, sales, energy levels, turnover rates and healthcare costs.

That being said, the stakes are high in ensuring that we make as many people happy, as often as possible. Perhaps difficult, or even impossible, but we‟ve identified four obstacles that make the happiness feat challenging. To dive headfirst into them download YourCause's CSR insights white paper for August,   You Can't Make Everyone Happy.

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