CSR Insights for July: Maximizing Impact from Reporting

From Matt Combs, President of Cause Marketing

Recording of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities is appearing with greater frequency in business models, annual reports, company collateral, and  a variety of outward facing communications. If done correctly, the returns can be huge – though how many companies are placing the appropriate time, effort and  value in generating these reports?

Sixty-nine percent of corporations create a dedicated section (when reporting) to showcase employee engagement, charitable giving, volunteerism, total community expenditure, etc., according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). However, only a small percentage of these corporations focus on qualitative measurements. Furthermore, a lack of reporting guidelines related to employee engagement, which is still widely considered a “nice-to-have” over a “must-have” for the company‟s business strategy, leaves interpretation open for how companies can present the results to be more effective.

Considering the fact that employee engagement correlates with job satisfaction and  loyalty, maximizing the impact from reporting volunteer hours and  dollar amounts can be essential. Focus on the strategic outcomes, not the input, so audiences understand  how employee community engagement relays back to a sustainable workplace culture and  social benefits. We‟ve compiled four suggested techniques that may help you in your reporting efforts. To learn more about how to maximize your reporting for impact,   download YourCause’s white paper for July here.

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