ITK Pecha Kucha Links

  Boxsal | Compostable and  reusable picnic baskets with fresh designs.
   Pinterest | A visual pinboard for keeping track of your favorite web things.
   One Minute Portrait | Get a crude portrait of you drawn in 1 minute.
   Rdio | Internet and  mobile music on demand  that’s actually good. | Make a custom stuffed animal of yourself. | A beautiful social aggregator for the average internet Joe.
   Food52 & StickyBits | Scan a barcode, get a recipe.
   Continental DIY Boarding |  Continental forgoes gate agents.
   Audi AR calendar | Concept calendar that comes to life with a smartphone.
   Parking Meter Donation Station | Old Parking meters fighting homelessness.
   Avoidr | Keep your friends close and  your enemies/exes somewhere else.
   4Food | Social Media Concept restaurant that makes fast food good.
   Levi’s Workshops | Initiative by Levi’s to teach old world crafts
   Dragontape | Create your own endless YouTube playlist.
   Future Checkin | iPhone app that auto-checks in to your favorite places.
   Globetrooper | Find a travel buddy for your next expedition, summit, whatever.
   Pay with a Tweet | Digitally distribute your product for the price of a tweet.
   Last Night’s Check-ins | A Foursquare diary to remember your nights.
   Be the Mayor | Find out how to reclaim your stolen mayorship.
   Baseball Chopsticks | Chopsticks made out of broken baseball bats.

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