Lloyd’s Twitter profile skyrockets after WWC performance

  Soccer: Women's World Cup-Final-Japan at United States

Carli Lloyd   buried three of the United States’ five goals in the Women’s World Cup Championship game win over Japan on Sunday. Will brands jump on board with Lloyd after her   Twitter following base great by over 50,000 followers? TMA's EVP Strategy & Innovation   Tom Edwards talked about Lloyd's marketing potential.

Q: Is a jump in Twitter followers like Carli Lloyd received enough for brands to jump on board with a sports star, or not enough?
TE: A jump in followers after an event such as the World Cup can be a signal to brands that an individual may be a viable endorsement candidate. There are other factors such as consumer perception tied to awareness, appeal and relevance to the brands image and potential influence on the brands consumer. For Lloyd, the timing is right as awareness is at a high point over the next few months. 

Q: What mobile marketing opportunities could her following be turned into? Before Sunday, when she scored three goals in the USA’s demolition of Japan in the Women’s World Cup final, she didn’t have many marketing deals other than a PR deal last fall with Usana Health Sciences and a deal to represent Visa through the 2016 Olympics.
 Depending on the needs and demographic make up for a brand, Lloyd will most likely receive multiple endorsement opportunities as she now has a number of key factors working in her favor, awareness, aspiration and influence.

Q: Is there a precedent for this type of phenomenon that is worth keeping in mind for marketers on mobile?
TE: The Olympics provide a good frame of reference for non-traditional athletes that are tied to a moment in time vs. consistent year over year endorsement. The key is to ensure that the athlete aligns with the objectives and persona of the brand and attention needs to be paid to the key demographics and resonance of the sports celebrity.

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