Mobile Minute Series Part I: Wearable Technology & The Future Of Marketing

  Bryon Morrison, President of Wireless

Wearable mobile tech devices built into phones are going to play a major role in the future progress of wearable tech products.  Companies can adopt targeted text message campaigns that contact customers to tell them about their latest product.  Individuals who are in the vicinity of a shop with an in-store special offer can be informed.  The technology promises to have a major impact on the way mobile SMS campaigns are run.

The technology behind the wearable device boom is the star of the show here.  But the fundamentals of the hardware are remarkably simple — and  that’s why wearable technology has so much potential.

Advancing your mobile marketing strategy is, at this point, all about reaching individuals with the type of message they want to hear.  The forces of wearable mobile tech gadgetry are proving to be an unstoppable force in terms of personalized SMS marketing.


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