TMA Haymaker Sept. 1

Every day, someone out there is bringing to life the most innovative and brilliantly off-center ideas and effectively raising the bar on what can be considered “knock-out creative.” The problem with so many people doing so many new activations, inventing so many life-altering branded products and blowing so many collective minds is: how do we keep a pulse on everything that’s happening? Ladies and gentlemen, fear not.

We give you, The Haymaker – your one-stop source for all of the new, bold and inspiring things happening in and out of the marketing world, sourced by some of your favorite TMA teammates and beautifully written and designed by the best creatives in the business. You can thank us after you pick your jaws up off the floor.

Links to articles:
Domestic Violence? There’s An App for That 

Comedy Is Cheap 

Greasy Grammin’ 

Meet Your Mouth’s Match 

IKEA Buys a Forest 

An Appealing Peel 


President and First Lady of Hay-Making:
  Cameron Kirkpartick and   Sara Peters

The Chosen Ones for Words and Pretty Things:
  Cole Bailey and   Julius Dawson

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