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10 Awesome Apps All the Cool Kids Are Using

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10 Awesome Apps All the Cool Kids Are Using


1.   Woofound

Woofound wants to help people discover a world full of experiences they’ll love. Once the app’s artificial intelligence engine becomes acquainted with a user it will start offering up suggestions. Maybe a restaurant that you’d like to try or something more abstract like “Laughter” or “Lighthouse.” Click on one of the choices to see the a Yelp-esque rundown of the address, hours of operation, and  estimated price. From there you can press the Make a Plan button to set a date and  invite friends.

2.   Kahnoodle

Besides having the cutest name ever, Kahnoodle is a mobile game that makes it fun and  easy for busy couples to build and  maintain intimacy. The app allows you to become more aware of how well you’re satisfying each others’ core relationship needs, while gamifying the entire process.

3.   Poshmark

All ladies have them — outfits we love but aren’t IN love with anymore. With Poshmark, you can easily coordinate a peer-to-peer second-hand  clothing swap online. Shoppers upload clothing from their personal collections, shop from posted items, and  follow others with similar taste while Poshmark facilitates all payment transactions within its application. To even further the sense that you’re experiencing a real live clothing swap, Poshmark lets users hold themed Posh Parties, where users can upload and  buy across themes in realtime, anything from “leather and  sparkles” to warm winter coats.

4.   Scenetap

Wouldn’t life be easier if you knew what the scene was like at a bar or club before paying $20 for a cab? Scenetap can tell you that. The app is a one-stop shop that works a little like Foursquare, a little like Groupon, a little like Facebook. It uses cameras loaded with facial-detection technology to feed users’ phones real-time data about the number of people in a bar, their average age and  the male-to-female ratio.

5.   Karma

Need to send a gift in a flash? Karma makes it super easy. The app lets you send real-life gifts such as a bottle of wine, a teddy bear, or a Hulu subscription to friends via SMS, Facebook, or email. Sending a gift doesn’t require you to know your recipients address, and  if your recipient doesn’t like a particular gift they can exchange it for something else they’d like sold by the service or choose to give the value of the gift to charity.

6.   Go Try It On

Fashion consultations should be possible even when people aren’t together. That’s the mission of Go Try It On, which lets users upload a photo or use a Webcam to show an outfit and  solicit advice from other users. The app is also introducing a way to make money, by allowing brand s to critique users’ outfits and  suggest products, beginning with Gap and  Sephora.

7.   Parking Douche

Gone are the days when you could park like an inconsiderate jerk and  get away with it…at least in Russia. This app allows you to take pictures of the offending car, recognize said car’s plates, model and  even the color. This data is then streamed live to banner ads that are targeted through IP addresses and  sent to billboards and  online spaces closest to where these cars are parked, exposing the owners to the public and  shaming them.

8.   Sayduck

For those lacking in spatial visualization skills, it can be difficult to picture how a piece of furniture will really fit in with your decor. To solve this problem, Sayduck lets shoppers virtually visualize objects in their homes from any angle. The “try before you buy” app can create convincing projections including horizontal reflections, soft shadows and  so on.

9.   Moshcam

This nifty app gives you instant access to more than 1,200 hours of live music from a roster of band s including The Decemberists, Jane’s Addiction, Blondie, Public Enemy, and  Flogging Molly. All the gigs are recorded and  can be viewed in HD. They are streamed from Moshcam rather than stored natively on your hand set. The shows can be watched on-demand  on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well as played on your television through Apple TV.

10.   Cinemagram

Take your static imagery to the next level with Cinemagram. The app combines the stylish filters and  simple sharing of Instagram to allow users to turn short three-second videos into animated GIFs.