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5 Awesome & 5 Desperate Brand Jokes from #AprilFoolsDay

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5 Awesome & 5 Desperate Brand Jokes from #AprilFoolsDay

By   Blake Bowyer, Director of Digital Strategy

Oh, April 1st.  It’s marked on every community manager’s calendar as either the best day of the year or the worst day of the year.  It’s a day when brand s feel the need to be ‘silly’ and  create fake products, make fake announcements, and  generally be ridiculous.

A Crisco soft drink?  Why, yes please.

A wristwatch that tells the future?  Seems legit.

A broomstick that attaches to your cat so you can sweep with it?  Saves money, and  the environment!

In a world where brand s think consumers are ravenously consuming content, this is what we get.  Let’s take a look at five brand s that nailed it and  five that went “all out” for it and  wound up with more shrugs than retweets.

Five brand s that were laughed with, not at.

TOMS X UBER:    shuberX

Airbnb: List Your Desk

$50 plus all the paper clips you can hand le.

headitt from reditt

You know people tried it.

Caskers: #  WhiskeyLife

This wins for the fully-functional microsite alone.

Kenneth Cole SASQWATCH

I’m so conflicted on this one!  Kenneth Cole has been a social media nightmare, but SASQWATCH is too good.  You won this round, KC.

And here are five brand s that missed the mark.

KFC Australia:    Mighty Mouth Expand er


When you’ve already created the   Mighty Gut Expand er, this is the next logical step.

Kellogg’s Wasabi Pea Pops

Kellogg’s, you can’t actually tag it #AprilFools.  C’mon.

Domino’s UK:  The Edibox

If you thought Domino’s couldn’t be any grosser, think again.

KLM Nikes

Not sure if this is for April Fools or not, but I know for certain that it’s desperate.

Connected:  An AOL Original

Oh wait, this is real – I was just hoping it was a joke.