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3 Experiential Campaigns That Will Blow Your Mind

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3 Experiential Campaigns That Will Blow Your Mind

Experiential marketing is really quite amazing. It’s equal parts philosophy, artistry and  psychology. Simply put, experiential marketing is a more holistic approach to the customer/brand  relationship.

Experiential campaigns are designed to appeal to both our rational and  emotional side. They go way beyond traditional feature-benefit methodology, and  open up new points of connection with customers.

Experiential marketing can be used on any canvas, but the live marketing scenario affords one of the better avenues to create a fully immersive brand  experience.

Lynx Australia promoted their new scent Anarchy (for men and  women) with a world-first ‘invisible video’ stunt. A house in Sydney’s busy party district Darlinghurst was decked out with large LCD screens instead of windows. Wearing the right kind of (polarised) glasses was the only way to discover the sexy and  anarchic things going on within the house.

Check out this fantastic ambient marketing idea to promote IKEA’s bathrooms line. Visitors at the famous furniture design event, the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, thought they were entering a port-o-potty, but it turned out to be a gateway to the IKEA world.

IKEA disguised a fully furnished, luxury bathroom as a free port-o-potty, complete with hardwood floors and  a shower. Judging by the surprised reactions from visitors, the prank was a success and  IKEA fully delivered on their creative concept: “Who said a bathroom should be just a loo?”

Nike Building Twist (the next installment of Nike’s “  Free Face” campaign) is an interactive projection mapping experience controlled by a shoe that’s been wired up with a bunch of pressure sensors and  plugged into an Arduino board, allowing users to literally twist a building like you can the shoe. The pressure sensors control dynamic projection mapping installation in real-time, creating a very cool hand s on experience for Nike.