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3 New Facebook Promotional Engagement Models [White Paper]

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3 New Facebook Promotional Engagement Models [White Paper]

Authored by   Tom Edwards, VP of Digital Strategy & Innovation

Behind the scenes, I was working closely with various internal teams at Facebook over the past two months to better understand  the potential impact the changes may have and  how to plan for future campaigns.

Based on this information I have written a white paper (available below) that outlines what I am calling the 3 new promotional engagement models that Facebook now supports.  The foundation of each model is tied to aligning the type of brand  objective being considered to the ideal engagement model.  The models are as follows:

  • Short Term Engagement Model
  • News Feed Engagement Model
  • Sustained Engagement Model

This white paper can be used as a resource when mapping client objectives to the type of promotional engagement model that may be ideal including making the call between an app vs. responsive News Feed strategy or how Hashtag promotions differ on Facebook vs. other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and  Vine.

Download the white paper   TMA_Facebook_Guidelines

SUMMARY:  The biggest change tied to the recent changes are tied to a brand s ability to create short burst engagement opportunities with the additional flexibility now afforded to brand  pages.  From an innovation and  alignment perspective, the News Feed engagement model is directly aligned with where Facebook as a platform and  a business are going.  This is a mobile first experience that capitalizes on capturing users’ attention “in-stream” and  reaches them across both desktop and  mobile.  The final model looks at when to leverage an app-based approach as well as key campaign characteristics that would lead to the use of a canvas page or Facebook page tab solution.

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