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3 Things Brands Should Know For 2014

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3 Things Brands Should Know For 2014

By   Stu Hill, Associate Concept Director

Here are three things we’ll be keeping our eyes on over the next year.  3D Printing, Wearables and  Honey have been on the rise in 2013, but we’re expecting even bigger things for them in 2014 and  beyond. 



MakerBot brought 3D Printing into the home and , as 3D printing technology continues to get cheaper, and  the interest in 3D printing continues to rise, we’ll see plenty of news about 3D printing.  In February 2014, a few key 3D patents will expire which will cause a boom in the 3D printing industry making it only easier for consumers to get their hand s on 3D printed items and  3D printers.

What it means for brand s:

Brand s that give their consumers access to 3D printers, give away 3D printed objects or help consumers print their own items will tap into the their consumers’ curiosity and  desire to create something totally unique.


Tracking Jumps the Tracks

The wearable device market is currently around $2B, but some forecasts put the market as high as $12B by 2018.  As wearables gain in popularity, look for their data-gathering capabilities to extend far beyond the steps and  miles we’re currently used to tracking.  From scanning brain waves, to measuring our emotional state, look for tracking to jump the tracks next year.

What it means for brand s:

Consumers are ready for wearables to take the next step and  help them start tracking anything and  everything. How can your brand  help consumers take control of their data in 2014?


Honey Is The New Bacon

Bacon on donuts, bacon with bourbon, bacon in beer, bacon on ice cream – over the past few years, this country has gone bonkers for bacon.  Here’s a little secret: Honey is the new bacon.  As consumers continue to search for organic ingredients to replace all things artificial, look for the naturally sweet allure of honey to win them over.  Honey has already hit the shelves in the whiskey business and , according to Innova Market Insights, U.S. whiskey launches containing honey increased 220% from 2011 to 2012.  In 2014, look for honey to leak out of the food and  beverage industry into other places like cosmetics and  fragrances.

What it means for brand s:

Brand s that get in on the honey buzz will win the hearts, stomachs, faces and  smells of consumers looking to escape from artificial additives in 2014.