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30 Seconds With Mike Singer

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30 Seconds With Mike Singer

  Mike Singer
Manger, Consulting

Q: You’ve spent hours culling through the SPI’s data. What single data point has surprised you more than any other?

A: The most surprising data points for me is the passion around Street Skate Boarding. Consumers have rated 1,000 properties, and  Street League Skate Boarding ranks #12 overall in terms of the overall SPI Score. This property outranks properties such as the Olympic Winter Games, the NBA, the NCAA Final Four, Major League Baseball and  others. The Effective Reach is not as large for Street League Skateboarding as it is for the properties listed above, but the passion and  avidity of the fan base is significant and  surprising.

  For information on the TMA’s SPI, the Sports Property Index, visit its page on The Marketing Arm’s website here.