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30 Seconds With: Nowell Upham

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30 Seconds With: Nowell Upham

   Nowell Upham
SVP, Consumer Engagement

Q: What’s the key to generating creative concepts on a consistent basis?

There are a number of key ingredients — steps required to bake the perfect creative cake — time and  time again. They all work in harmony. Among them are hiring creative people with diverse backgrounds, and  creative interests that extend beyond the workplace. Curious, expressive people with a passion for sports, events, culture, consumerism, and  entertainment tend to do well here.

Having a culture where the spark of an idea can come from anywhere, and  a process for idea development that is widely understood and  followed by the agency “community,” so that that spark is appropriately fanned during its infancy.

And lastly, building trusting relationships with your clients to the point where they are comfortable relying on our creative judgment and  taking a calculated leap of faith with you in support of your ideas.

Q: How does The Marketing Arm ensure that our ideas are fresh?

Before we start our search for a fresh idea, we start our journey with a search for fresh insights. New ways to look at the problem, and  human truths that lay beneath them. Then we look for interesting trends or corollaries in the world around us that might lead us to an innovative connecting of the dots. Sometimes, invention is just a matter if inventorying what’s already around you and  reassembling the parts.

To aid in this, we’ve put a real discipline and  practice behind the art of curation — collecting and  sharing the less obvious observances around us. Our In Tha’ Know sessions and  Share Blog are great examples of this, as is Scott Biggers’s Trend Train.