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30 Seconds With Ray Clark

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30 Seconds With Ray Clark


How are The Marketing Arm’s ideas different?

They’re bigger and  more on target. I’ve always believed that ideas are the premium currency in the marketing world. As an agency, we’ve always wanted to empower the best people to come up with the greatest ideas, and  brand s recognize that. When we were a little 5-person agency in Dallas back in 1993, we didn’t win because of our experience or depth of capability, so we had to win on our creativity and  our people.

When it comes to marketing and  promotional tactics, which one is most effective, in your mind?

It depends. They all have their place. No one tactic wins every time over every other tactic. The trick is to be “tactic agnostic,” which we pride ourselves on – providing generally unbiased advice, strategy and  creativity because we don’t just do one or two things, we have dozens of capabilities.