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5 Free Apps To Make Your Instagrams Instaslammin'

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5 Free Apps To Make Your Instagrams Instaslammin’

Instagram 3.0 rolled out recently, and  it was all about giving users an improved browsing experience, geolocation capabilities and  photo maps. In other words, we’re stuck with same ol’ 13 built-in filters. 🙁 Alas, we’ve hit a new wall in mobile photography: everything looks the same.

The decreasing amount of originality was bound to happen given that the app now has over   80 million users. Instagram is evolving into a   tabula rasa for mobile photography and  on this blank slate there are plenty of ways we can further push our creativity. Here are five totally free apps to make your Instagrams instaslammin’:

  Phonto let’s you smack cool font (hah! get it?) onto your photos. Either take a photo or load an image from your camera roll, then pick a font, put some text on your image and  ta-dah!



  LabelBox is your go-to app if fonts aren’t working for you. Just mix-and -match a bunch of neat labels on your images instead.



If this camera app is one thing, it’s   AWESOME. It has a ton of built-in presets, filters, textures, frames, etc. Plus it’s been free since it was first released.


It may be cliche but it’s a really fun time-waster.   LINE camera app mimics Japanese Purikura style photobooths with hundreds of filters, frames, stamps and  text. What sets it apart is the app’s slick presentation, sheer volume of frames, and  collection of cartoon (if perhaps disturbing) characters that you can add to your photos..


What’s better than seeing one beautiful photo? Seeing a bunch of beautiful photos collaged together with   Frametastic. Arrange your photos into the frames, apply beautiful effects to each individual photo, and  change the size of the frame for the perfect look.