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Last Week in Digital: 11.15-11.21

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Last Week in Digital: 11.15-11.21

Top Stories

  Twitter Launches Analytics
Although it was expected to launch before the end of 2010, Twitter has already started to roll out its full-featured analytics product to select users. The product allows users to see which tweets were most successful, which ones caused people to unfollow, and  which got influencers to participate. It’s safe to say most 3rd party analytics companies will not be happy with the launch, especially considering Twitter has no plans to charge for the services.

  Google Voice Now Available on Iphone
It came, it went, it disappeared. Finally 16 months later, Google’s voice application can now be found on the app store again. The app functions very similarly to the official phone app, and  even includes your contact list and  quick dials. The only discernable difference between your the Google Voice app and  the official one? It uses data and  has to be accessed like an app.

  Zynga No Longer Taking Cut of Donations
After coming under fire for taking a percentage of the proceeds from items sold in it’s popular social game Farmville, publisher Zynga has changed its official policy when it comes to charitable donations. Instead, Zynga will now be donating 100% of the profits to the selected donor, and  has even agreed to cover credit card fees.

Killer Stats

  1. Facebook accounts for 1 in 4 pageviews in the US.
  2. Web video hogs 37% of internet traffic during peak hours.
  3. Facebook passes eBay in value to become #3 US web company.
  4. Microsoft Kinect sells over 1 million units in first 10 days.
  5. Facebook traffic has grown 55% in the last year.

Cool Reads

  A New Genre of Photo Apps Competes for Time