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Agency of the Year: A Closer Look At TMA

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Agency of the Year: A Closer Look At TMA

Selected Marketing Armsters (L to R):   Chase Rodriguez, senor copywriter;   Zach Killian, lead recruiter;   Lauren Sears, account supervisor;   Mike Paley, SVP shopper marketing;   Tom Edwards, VP digital strategy.

It takes a confident agency to realize that not every good idea grows within its own walls.

In a unique move, Dallas-based agency The Marketing Arm is planning to show that confidence later this year with a new creative incubator it hopes will address the changing needs of both the marketplace and  its clients.

That’s when the agency will debut Flockstar, a crowd-sourcing platform that will serve two functions. The first will be to solicit campaign ideas from thousand s of creatives, professionals and  even consumers who will participate by answering briefs posted by The Marketing Arm on behalf of its clients. Second, the platform will provide a substantial database whose data can be segmented into demographic and  lifestyle groups from which insights and  shopper marketing information can be gleaned.

“It’s going to rattle the cages of the industry,” says   Ray Clark, founder and  CEO. “[With Flockstar] we’re saying we have great creative inside our company, but we’re not opposed to providing better, faster, cheaper solutions through crowd-sourcing when appropriate, and  then having our creatives curate those ideas. The strategy is to cast the widest net to find the best idea.”


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