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Are The Dallas Cowboys Still America's Team?

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Are The Dallas Cowboys Still America’s Team?

  Antonio Cromartie of the Jets said recently that the Patriots — not the Cowboys — were now “America’s Team.” That led us to pull up the latest data from our   Sports Property Index (SPI), an independent index which quantifies consumer perceptions of about 1,000 sports teams, events, leagues and  venues. Brand s use it to help evaluate sports sponsorship options.

It turns out that Cromartie was nearly right on.

In terms of national appeal, the Cowboys now rank sixth, behind the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Colts and  Bears.

The Cowboys also rank sixth in fan avidity nationally (the Packers and  Pats are in the top two spots) and  just 24th in Sentiment, a metric that gauges how strongly consumers feel about a particular team — positively or negatively.