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AT&T Stadium Empowers Fans With Responsive Technology

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AT&T Stadium Empowers Fans With Responsive Technology

When fans take their seats at The AT&T Stadium this season, one of the first things they’ll see is a brand -new, 130-foot LED display along the east platform.  It’s the AT&T LiveFX Board, and  there’s nothing else like it.  The innovation is part of the AT&T Fan Experience Project, led by TMA, with the goal of magnifying the fan experience through technology. IMG_4645

AT&T and  the Cowboys worked with Obscura Digital to install the LiveFX Board, which is the world’s first fan-empowered digital technology platform, brought to life by the AT&T Network.  This platform, located above the end zone, includes the first-ever fan responsive LED display with 40 independent robotic mirrored louvers that rotate 360 degrees to create choreographed motion.

Fans can interact with the display by downloading the   AT&T Stadium App to their iOS or Android devices.  And at key moments during the game, the app calls on fans to participate in an experience called “Unite the House.”  When the stadium app vibrates, fans are guided to hold their fingers on the Dallas Cowboys star as their devices strobe in unison with other fans.  The visual gains intensity and  speed as more fans join in, energizing the stadium and  culminating in a final eruption of light and  motion provided by the louvers that canvas the entire stadium.

Fans can also use the app to post selfies and  other pictures to the LiveFX Board when prompted by the call to “Post-a-Pic” and  interact throughout the game by answering trivia questions and  participating in polls.

Additionally, eight new 84-inch multi-touch displays known as “Immersive Columns” have been installed.  These immersive columns allow fans to explore four themes:  Players, Cheerleaders, AT&T Stadium, and  the Dallas Cowboys Art Collection.

Future plans for the partnership between AT&T and  the Cowboys will continue to integrate AT&T’s industry-leading technology with the premier sports and  entertainment venue to create a world-class fan experience.  TMA will continue to collaborate with AT&T and  ensure their vision to make AT&T Stadium the most technologically advanced venue in the country becomes a reality.