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Brain Pick: Digital Strategist Blake Bowyer

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Brain Pick: Digital Strategist Blake Bowyer


  Blake Bowyer, Digital Strategist

Blake is a Texas transplant who made his way to Dallas from Idaho via Denver and  Washington, D.C. As a Digital Strategist for 5+ years, he has worked on programs for Ford Motor Company, BP, Dupont, FRAM, and  Scotts. Always restless, Blake can be found searching for Dallas’s best bike trails, coffee shops, and  neon signs.

What does digital strategy mean to you and  the strategic direction for The Marketing Arm?

My dictionary definition is ‘A research-rooted guide for using digital channels to drive progress toward marketing objectives.’ In less boring terms, it’s an intersection of technology and  marketing that delivers value to consumers. It’s more than apps and  Facebook; DS is using data – in the form of numbers, code, or consumer intelligence – to bring brand s to life.

For The Marketing Arm, we want digital strategy to create emotion. Naturally, digital strategists tend to gravitate toward gadgetry and  the Web, but a digital strategy is nothing more than a strategy using new media. Digital channels typically engage 2 senses, but should be a part of a plan that hits 4-5. We can’t impact emotion without tangible, human elements. Technology gives us cool new ways to do that.

How do you demonstrate value from digital strategy?

Like you demonstrate value through anything – numbers. It’s not always easy, but it’s the right way. The instinct with digital strategy is to expect instant results, but that’s a mug’s game. It is ‘strategy’, after all – unwind expectations in the beginning and  build sustainable value. Let’s go for brand  growth, not Facebook ‘Likes’.

How do you keep from getting “digitally exhausted” and  do you suffer from FOMO?

Honestly, I don’t suffer from ‘digital exhaustion’ because digital is such a big part of my entire life. I’m a student of marketing, I’m a fan of technology, and  I enjoy exploring ideas – digital is a frontier for all three. I used to get exhausted trying to keep up, but I’ve found the best way is talking to others and  finding the info sources that speak to you the most. That said, I definitely suffer from FOMO. I address that by trying to do something new every day. And drinking Scotch.

Follow Blake on Twitter   @BlakeBowyer