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Bryon Morrison on building a mobile app strategy

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Bryon Morrison on building a mobile app strategy

  Mobile Marketing Strategy

Bryon Morrison,   president of The Marketing Arm’s mobile marketing practice, provides a few considerations for brand s when planning a mobile app strategy.


…focus your efforts on serving your customers.  There will be untold opportunities to entertain, educate and  inform them through this powerful opt-in channel.  Further, you can find ways to completely transform your relationship or the importance of your brand  with customers by introducing services or delivering utilitarian value.

…invest in it properly.  You wouldn’t think about producing an FSI or introducing new POS for all your stores without understand ing the long-term impact on your business.  A mobile app is a platform that you should grow and  build upon so plan for optimizing it over time.

…measure your results, but recognize that results can come in multiple forms.  You don’t measure app success solely on downloads, you have to view its effect on a larger scale.  Is the focus on selling product through this channel?  Increasing the frequency of purchase?  Will this app be used in the store to improve the shopping experience?  If so, what effect does that have on sales or customer preference?  Does it place your brand  in a position of “Industry Innovator?” If so, then as a brand , you’ll likely get retailers asking you to play first, because you have knowledge your competitors don’t.  Or, if you’re a retailer, can you get more from your suppliers because you’ve created an inventory?


…build an app, “Because we need one!”

…develop in only one mobile operating system unless all of your customers have only one type of phone.

…consider your app to be the same thing as your website.

…invest in an app that will only be used for a short period of time unless there is a strong strategic reason.