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Bust Your A$$ For Spring Break: Leah Grimes

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Bust Your A$$ For Spring Break: Leah Grimes

By Leah Grimes, Senior Strategist, TMA

When my name was called at TMA’s annual State of the Agency meeting, I was surprised and thrilled. My manager and agency leadership had recognized my hard work with the “Bust Your A$$ for Spring Break” award. After I got home and had the chance to process the excitement, I realized I had a big choice to make.

Where to go?

I’d only been abroad once before (Mexico doesn’t really count when you live in Texas), so the decision was almost overwhelming. But I knew what I wanted out of the trip: good food, sightseeing, and a plane ticket that left money for hotels on my trip voucher. And I knew who I was taking – my dad.

After many conversations with friends who had been, and lots of weekend research, I settled on España! My ARTA travel agent was wonderful, helping me plan an itinerary full of variety that got me around to three cities, Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid. In just a week, I had the chance to literally get a taste of the country and each city – making my 7-day trip feel much longer.

I couldn’t finish this blog without a giant THANK YOU. Thank you to TMA as a whole, but especially Ray Clark, Andrew Robinson, Brad Penman, Chris Smith, and Sara Hightower for this amazing opportunity. I never would have taken this time or spent money on myself like this, and I’m incredibly thankful to work for a company who rewards its employees’ work ethic in such cool, creative ways!