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Career Wake-up Call From TMA and

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Career Wake-up Call From TMA and recognizes that some people may find themselves complacent at work, and  are perhaps in need of a career wake-up call.  To make that happen, Monster partnered with TMA to create a 90-second video featuring a series of hidden camera pranks, using an airhorn strategically placed under office chairs (some located right in TMA’s Marina del Rey cubicles).

The light-hearted spot is meant to reinforce Monster’s brand  promise that better is out there, and  Monster can help you find it.

Hosted by   Brian Baumgartner, who plays “Kevin” on NBC’s “The Office,” the spot was produced by TMA’s content team, led by   Marc Gilbar and  Ben Greenberg.    Dan Constable of TMA’s celebrity talent team signed Baumgartner.

Led by   Sarah Tabbush and    Lisa Singelyn, TMA’s social media team has developed a strategic distribution plan and  is managing the social push.

The video launched yesterday to coincide with the series finale of “The Office” on May 16.