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Celebrity DBI: The NBA's 10 Most Marketable Players

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Celebrity DBI: The NBA’s 10 Most Marketable Players

By   Matt Delzell and    Matt Fleming

Developed by the celebrity talent division of The Marketing Arm,   The Celebrity DBI is an independent, global index that ranks celebrities’ ability to impact consumers.

  Kobe Bryant:
The NBA’s best-known player (93% nationally), Kobe’s legend will grow if can deliver another playoff appearance off a torn achilles. A global icon, he ranks among the most influential athletes in the Celebrity DBI.

  LeBron James:
Arguably the best athlete in the world, LeBron’s national awareness tops 85 percent, second only to Kobe. But as he accrues more NBA titles (and  individual accolades), it’s likely he’ll surpass the Laker star to become the best-known NBA player. Interestingly, all of LeBron’s Celebrity DBI scores — with the exception of awareness — are already better than Kobe’s, including influence, endorsement and  trend-setter.

  Dwyane Wade:
Like his Heat teammate LeBron James, Wade has a strong sense of style and  multiple NBA titles. But despite all of his on-court success, Wade is known by fewer than 60 percent of U.S. consumers. The good news is, the former Marquette star posts one of the higher aspiration ratings in the group along with the second highest endorsement scores in the Celebrity DBI. Wade is also just behind King James in terms of national influence .

  Kevin Durant:
Durant is a remarkable scorer, but lacks LeBron’s team success and  Miami hype, one reason that his national awareness hovers just over 50 percent. But the OKC star’s sense of humor has clearly aided his likeability. According to the Celebrity DBI, his national Appeal score is better than LeBron, Wade and  Kobe.

  Chris Paul:
Paul is not only the best point guard in the league, but the most appealing player in the NBA behind Dirk Nowitzki, according to the DBI. His deal with State Farm has helped to convey his personality to casual fans around the U.S. But despite his “Cliff Paul” alter-ego, Chris Paul is known by about a third of U.S. consumers nationally. Those who know him, however, find him to be aspirational and  influential. With a new coach (Doc Rivers) in LA, perhaps the Clippers can push deep into the postseason and  propel Cliff/Chris to the next level.

  Blake Griffin:
Thanks to his athleticism and  above-the-rim play, Griffin ranks as one of the league’s most influential players, according to the Celebrity DBI. Known by less than 45 percent of U.S. consumers, Griffin’s stock will rise if the Clippers can make at run at an NBA championship.  As it stand s, he ranks third among NBA players in the DBI’s Endorsement attribute.

  Carmelo Anthony:
Melo’s rankings in appeal and  trust are among the worst among this group, but he’s got one thing going for him: He’s a star in the biggest media market in the U.S.  For him to break out as a next-level endorser, the Knicks will have to put together a special season.

  Derrick Rose:
All eyes on are D-Rose as he returns from an injury that sidelined him for all of last season. Known by about 45 percent of consumers nationally, Rose ranks as the fourth most-liked player in this group. Known for his quiet demeanor, but intense work ethic, Rose may be on track for a break-out season based on his preseason performance.

  Stephen Curry:
The youngest of this group, Curry is known by less than a quarter of U.S. consumers, which is why his appeal, aspiration, breakthrough and  trust scores are off the charts — those who know him are likely to be his biggest fans. Assuming Curry and  the Warriors can build on their success from last season, he’ll be positioned as one of the league’s bright young stars.

  Dirk Nowitzki:
Stuck on a team that’s been rebuilding for the last few seasons, the aging German’s highest scores in the DBI come in the appeal, aspiration and  endorsement attributes. Known for his sense of humor, Dirk’s reputation in Europe makes him a valuable endorser overseas.

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