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Chicago TMA In Tha' Know

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Chicago TMA In Tha’ Know

  App My Ride | Innovative Volkswagen contest to create an app.
  Go Try It On | Get honest advice on how you look.
  Globetrooper | Find a travel buddy for your next expedition, summit, whatever.
  Glympse | Share your location temporarily.
  Knocking Live Video | Phone to phone video streaming.
  StickyBits | Attach digital content to real world objects.
  Last Night’s Check-ins | A Foursquare diary to remember your nights.
  Spotissquare | Tag places with music.
  Rdio | Internet and  mobile music on demand  that’s actually good.
  Flipboard | Your personalized social magazine.
  BlackBerry PlayBook | BlackBerry’s entry into the tablet market.
  SCVNGR | A game about doing challenges at places.
  Shopkick | Rewards for simply walking into a store.
  Kickstarter | A new way to fund and  follow creativity.
  Pay with a Tweet | Digitally distribute your product for the price of a tweet.
  Square | Accept payments anywhere. | A beautiful social aggregator for the average internet Joe.
  The Audi Spectacle |  An advertising concept incorporating bridges and  cars.
  Boxsal | Compostable and  reusable picnic baskets with fresh designs. | Make a custom stuffed animal of yourself.