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Cooking with Dan Belmont: New York Edition

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Cooking with Dan Belmont: New York Edition

In continuing the spirit of Sparks, our unofficial resident chef and  passionate foodie   Dan Belmont offered to share his extraordinary culinary skills with all of TMA by hosting a series of interactive events called, “Cooking with Dan.”06msHAgvbC3LPKIE61fSTTbPH1hfwZ_Iaa2GMyZjLTM,ne1O-5jxu-M081HsJDvh7X4TooYTXId5Xq8gcjRyMCUDan showed our New York-based TMAers how to cook an Italian meal from start to finish.23KUU3u8nzejSUsOaN9TgqBIihqBJRVm6W8Hq6C8GcM

With the help of a real Italian chef (below), they learned to make a 3-course meal from scratch, plus a fancy cocktail and  dessert.  After the feast, everyone received a brand ed ‘Cooking with Dan’ apron and  a tomato press to practice their new repertoire at home. Q352yuSy2XwFs7rHsDXcLA0iFgda78A6kSOaG_3gjBQzpvXJXa0Pjyb5C-TRDpk9CyMsmF0O9V71nP3_ge7Toc 738USSnep6rdz52OLb67ut7wRI9e72OuRIfSVDUUIvo y0WkFvECtoGT9AJ5D4NbDzUZons0zKqzNfWzkJZW8j0aka8IohPJr9me7UUxtwbYTjnKSkUaRR6P52-bXqbhFQView more photos from the event   here and  take a look at the menu below.

Cooking with Dan NY_Recipes_italian