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Couscous Caravan

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Couscous Caravan

Working in marketing and  promotions it’s important to have your finger on the pulse of what resonates with your customers and  what doesn’t; even being slightly off target can mean the difference between a successful and  a failed activation.

Taking into account the attitudes of the culinary conscious Pacific Northwest, the Quaker team came up with an interesting idea for Quaker’s Near East brand  of couscous: the Couscous Caravan. Inspired by the recent wave of food trucks that have people going wild, the team concepted a mobile food truck that would provide Seattleites with delicious samples of couscous. By partnering with local James Beard award winning chef Jason Wilson to develop recipes using regional ingredients, the Couscous Caravan catered to local desire (and  tastes) for authentic food. To make thngs even more relevant to the Seattle community, the tour is giving away boxes of Near East couscous a local cause; for every tweet sent to @NearEastDish with the hashtag #couscouscaravan, Near East will donate a box to statewide hunger relief agency Northwest Harvest.

The Couscous Caravan will be touring Seattle for the next six weeks. If you can’t make it there in person check out this clip of Chef Jason on Seattle’s local news.