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C+S Summit Recap

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C+S Summit Recap

When you work at a company with offices all over, it’s not too often you’re able to put a face the number of names appended on mass emails. Lucky for some of us, that changed this week.

On Wednesday some of the head LA creatives made a short stop in Dallas for a meeting of the minds at our concepts and  strategies summit. Over the course of the day we laughed, we dined, and  most importantly– we talked about how to bring to life better concepts. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it was eye opening; hearing how colleagues come to their insights and  sharing our methods for discovering our own was a great experience. At lunch Ray spoke on our performance, challenged us to push ourselves and  our teams, and  gave a fireside chat of sorts on TMA. He finished by opening the floor (or table) to any of our questions, which was refreshingly transparent.

Upon returning to HQ, we rapped on how to grow the culture unique to our company. When you work in an industry where creativity is a commodity, trying to stay fresh creatively (when you arguably work creatively 40+ hours a week) is a challenge. This is where having a great culture really helps. We like think we’re a little familiar with the subject; we just finished a month of expansion with a night of Pecha Kucha. But who said expand ing ourselves creatively is limited to one month a year, or one concentrated effort? So in the goal of creating better work, enjoying the process of work, and  celebrating the success of our work, expect to see a number of cultural initiatives in the coming months.