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Delzell: Tiger will be a "Nike guy" forever

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Delzell: Tiger will be a “Nike guy” forever

Matt Delzell, managing director of TMA’s celebrity talent acquisition group, talked with CBS Sports’ Bryan Altman about Tiger Woods’ recent struggles and  just how much it’s affecting his sponsors – specifically Nike.

“I think Tiger’s going to be a lifetime Nike guy for what he’s done for the brand , so I don’t think you’ll see a drop. But Nike would certainly have to be worried in the golf space in looking over the should when you think about Jordan Spieth and  Under Armour and  Dustin Johnson for Adidas,” Delzell (pictured above on SportsCenter) said. “These are guys who are performing well, these are guys who are competing in majors, and  Tiger’s just not, he’s not a relevant piece of the conversation right now.”

Altman compared TMA’s   Celebrity DBI numbers for Woods, Jordan Spieth and  Rory McIlroy to see just how far Woods has fallen off in the eyes of consumers and  how Nike must adapt to that.


You can catch Altman’s full article on   CBS Sports and  read more about how Nike must compete with the likes of Dustin Johnson (adidas) and  Spieth (Under Armour).