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Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

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Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

Get The Marketing Arm’s SVP of Strategy and  Innovation, Tom Edwards,’ thoughts on the digital trends to watch in 2015 on

In 2015, we’ll see brand s leverage data, content and  channels to maximize their sponsorship investments. There will be an increased focus on leveraging behavioral data to inform programmatic media buying, as well as the opportunity to visualize data in a unique way that further ties events and  attendees together.

There will be an increased focus on connecting content that is created at events with those not in attendance to create a seamless connection between digital and  physical, and  ultimately, there will be a focus on the channels that deliver messages, be it social, mobile or beyond.

To read the rest of Tom’s take on what we’ll see in 2015, follow the   link to read the rest of the article.