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Does the new mean mobile first?

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Does the new mean mobile first?

TMA’s   Tom Edwards talked about the new layout and  what it says about the giant’s approach to reaching consumers.

Q: To what extent does this move reflect ESPN’s efforts to reach consumers on mobile?
TE: ESPN is focused on creating a mobile first experience that is tailored to it’s readers. By creating a responsive experience that also incorporates highly relevant content they are focused on delivering a contextually relevant and  consistent content experience regardless of the device type. 

Q: What does the move to integrate ads into the site reflect about the needs/behavior of the mobile consumer?
TE: Initial signals of the ad offerings point to a more contextual ad experience that will be optimized based on the device type. This means that ads will be more of an extension of the experience which coincides more with how consumers are already interacting with the content. 

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