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Edwards: 2015 Will See the Rise of Dark Social

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Edwards: 2015 Will See the Rise of Dark Social

TMA SVP, Innovation & Strategy  Tom Edwards tackled the subject of dark social and  where he sees it headed in 2015. An excerpt from the Media Post article:

Dark social is the sharing activity that is somewhat invisible to traditional analytics. It’s the culmination of referrals and  sharing of content that originates from instant messages, e-mails containing links, and  most recently, the rise of ephemeral social communication platforms such as Snapchat, WeChat and  WhatsApp.

A majority of focus today is on social broadcast platforms such as Facebook and  Twitter. With the tides shifting toward ephemeral social communication applications as a key driver of sharing, the attribution data of the share — and  all of the value that comes with it — is essentially untapped and , in some cases, simply unknown.”

Read the rest of Tom’s ”  2015 will see the rise of dark social” article on Media Post.