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Edwards: Retailers have more mobile opportunities

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Edwards: Retailers have more mobile opportunities

TMA’s Tom Edwards talked about mobile’s role for hoteliers and  retailers as they continue to find new ways to target potential customers and  build loyalty.

Q: What do you see as mobile’s role in the cross-channel experience hoteliers have to consider creating?
TE: It is incredibly important to create clear and  consistent programs that are both contextually relevant and  provide utility for travelers. Optimizing the cross channel experience to align with the travelers customer journey is key. Creating a compelling on-site experience all through the lens of a mobile first approach can pay dividends for hotel retailers.  

Q: What opportunities are opened up for marketers on mobile with retailers?
TE: You look at the rise of pre-targeting solutions for mobile that allow retailers to connect to topical halos vs. re-targeting through their own site visits. Retailers can deliver compelling virtual reality solutions through mobile devices and  enhancing delivery systems such as Google Cardboard, and  the potential impact and  relevance of the new Spotlight search announced by Apple recently that will add more discoverability within the app ecosystem.