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Garth Brooks Debuts GhostTunes Digital Music Store

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Garth Brooks Debuts GhostTunes Digital Music Store

Q & A with   Ryan Heuser, Senior Director of Music Integration

Garth Brooks is launching, a full-service online music store.  Fans can listen to their music from their personal “locker” immediately upon purchase, without having to download the content to their device.  Fans also can download their purchased content to play with the audio player of their choice on a phone, tablet or computer.  Only and will sell Garth digital music.

What are your thoughts about this venture?

It takes a mega-superstar with the success and  notoriety of Garth Brooks to take on the likes of iTunes and  stand  a chance at succeeding.  Created from the vision of an artist who knows better than anyone how to give fans what they want, this service is designed to make the consumer experience more gratifying than any other music provider.  By providing service to all — not proprietary to any single device — GhostTunes has extended an open invitation to all music fans, rather than fans of brand s.

It speaks to Garth knowing his audience and  what they react to.  Just as music fans don’t want to be told what to listen to, they also don’t want to be forced to access music in one way or another.  Fans are in control of music today.  Garth is responding and  I‘d expect fans to react.