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Generation Z: A Shift In Family Dynamics

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Generation Z: A Shift In Family Dynamics

Q & A with   Jordis Rosenquest, VP of Planning & Insights

What are some interesting characteristics of Gen Z (the generation after Gen Y)?

For starters, Gen Z doesn’t want to be treated as kids.  They consider themselves aspiring adults and  in truth their role in the family has grown considerably.  Family bonds — especially bonds with their siblings — are really important to Gen Z.

There’s also this interesting shift in the family dynamic from kids seeking parent approval to parents seeking their kids’ approval.  At the same time, parents are concerned that their kids are growing up too quickly without learning about values like responsibility, reliability and  community.

From a marketing perspective, a shift in parents’ role from influencer to facilitator means the conversation is no longer about reaching kids through their parents.  Instead, it’s about reaching kids and  parents together.  Parents are no longer the gateway to kids.

We’re also seeing that this group of young kids don’t have the fear of missing out (FOMO) as much as the fear of being incorrect (FOBI) – a phrase we’ve coined here at TMA.