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Hanging out with Kevin Kelly

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Hanging out with Kevin Kelly

About a year ago Kevin Kelly, co-founder of WIRED magazine, released a book titled   What Technology Wants. While there many ideas within the book that can’t be unpacked in one blog post, Kelly posits one interesting theory on the nature of technology; that technology, or the technium, is essentially a living, evolving organism with its own agenda. After an initial speaking tour, Kevin is back out promoting his book in a fascinating new way; for every 10 people that buy the book, said group of people will get an hour and  a half of discussion with the author himself– all facilitated via Google+’s Hangout feature.

Thanks to Scott Biggers, a lucky hand ful of us got the opportunity to pick Kevin’s brain for 90 minutes in an intellectual free for all. Many of us had no idea what to expect, but conversation flowed easily than most expected. Among the topics we touched on were the future of social media, upcoming trends, the most pressing world problems, whether there is a morality implicit in technology, and  the problems with devices. It’s difficult to describe the experience– especially since it was a first time for many to hang out using Google+. But ultimately, our hangout with Kevin Kelly was an inspiring and  positive way to close out the beginning of the week.