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How CPG Brands Use Social Media To Drive Purchases

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How CPG Brands Use Social Media To Drive Purchases

Q & A with   Tom Edwards, SVP of Digital Strategy & Innvoation

To what extent are food and  snacks CPG brand s starting to understand  and  activate social media within the purchase funnel?

Social media has been an integral part of the marketing mix for CPG brand s for some time now.  CPG social strategy has evolved with the growth of social platforms and  shifting consumer behaviors.  Many platforms such as Facebook are shifting away from engagement as a primary metric and  are focusing on reach, resonance and  reaction, which align social media activation further down the purchase funnel.  

What are the challenges CPG companies face in leveraging social media to drive purchases?

The snack category is highly dependent on context and  timing.  With the convergence of social, mobile and  digital and  the focus shifting to targeted cross-screen engagement, there is a renewed interest in aligning digital, physical and  data to impact purchase decisions.

Besides motivating purchases, what additional benefits/negatives in terms of consumer engagement does a social campaign bring a CPG company?

Social-centric campaigns allow brand s to deepen their connection with their consumers, empower them to help drive the brand  forward, impact brand  perception and  for a number of brand s provide impactful reach through social engagement.

What are some examples of top food and  snacks CPG companies that have effectively leveraged social to drive consumers deeper into the purchase funnel?

Frito-Lay is a company that is continually looking to leverage social as a means to drive consumers further into the purchase funnel.  Whether it is a brand  campaign that empowers consumers such as Lay’s Do Us a Flavor, or it is creating a community of brand  advocates like   Doritos Legion of the Bold, or connecting in-store elements seamlessly into socially centric campaigns, Frito-Lay is approaching social in a smart and  relevant way that connects with consumers and  ultimately impacts purchase.

What’s your favorite example of a food and  snacks CPG social campaign that drove purchases?

My favorite examples are Frito Lay’s   Do Us a Flavor and    Doritos Crash the Superbowl programs.