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How SoLoMo Is Changing the Shopper Experience

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How SoLoMo Is Changing the Shopper Experience

Location-based technology, one of the key marketing weapons in the digital era, is taking a step forward to merge with social-networking and  mobility applications under the concept of SoLoMo, short for social-local-mobile.

So how does location-based mobile engagement impact shopper marketing? Our mobile & shopper experts discuss.


  Mike Paley: When combined with location-aware services, mobile can also give marketers important information like dwell times and  location-specific shopping attributes. Increased data gathering (and  the ability to access that data remotely) has allowed marketers to better drill down to customer specifics. In other words, long gone are the days where our marketing analysts relied simply on gender and  demographic basics. That ability to send highly customizable messages to shoppers coupled with location-based technology means the shopping experience has changed dramatically both in-store and  in any place that a mobile phone is able to connect to a network.


  Bryon Morrison: So with the data showing mobile’s popularity and  infiltration into all aspects of life, does that mean mobile threatens in-store purchases, the very heart of shopper marketing?

Mike Paley: That’s a good question, but I don’t think it does. To a certain degree, in-store is where the greatest mobile changes are taking place. Getting people engaged with a product via a smart digital campaign is critical. It also serves to offset shoppers who enter a given store with an items list which tends to focus and  limit their shopping experience. In-store mobile shopper marketing helps keep shoppers open minded to other shopping possibilities, allowing them to enjoy the stop, browse, and  play aspect of the experience. In-store is all about spotting trends – trends that can be fleshed out via mobile.