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Instagram Video: Best Practices for Brands & Marketers

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Instagram Video: Best Practices for Brands & Marketers

On June 20th   Instagram announced the addition of videos to its popular photo-sharing app.  Besides being an obvious response to the growing popularity of Twitter’s Vine app, this is another confirmation that the era of video is surging.

  Tom Edwards, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Innovation, shares some tips for marketers to create visually compelling content and  test another content distribution channel.

What are some best practices or tips for how marketers and  brand s should use videos on Instagram?

A couple come to mind right away: Brand s can share unique brand ed experiences, highlight brand  advocates, co-create content with audiences, preview products, highlight a specific cause, extend the brand s persona via video, preview upcoming events by adding visual context, share important news, drive promotional awareness, leverage Instagram video for promotion, and  create videos that show fan appreciation.  The key is to create content that is a natural extension of the brand .

How is it different from Vine, from a marketing perspective?

The first key difference is simply tied to reach potential. By embedding Instagram video within the existing application for both iOS and  Android simultaneously, Facebook is providing access to a large and  very active user base.

From a marketing perspective, the greater length of the video — 15 seconds vs. 6 — the ability to stabilize the shot, 13 filters and  the ability to tap to focus allows for greater flexibility and  complexity of a shot. This can provide greater depth in terms of the type of content that can be created and  better represent the brand .

My assumption is also that at some point Instagram Video will support the ability to create custom filters, similar to how brand  applications can incorporate custom Instagram filters to further create associations with the brand .

Do you like this addition to Instagram?

I do like the addition of video to Instagram. Facebook is still the ideal storytelling and  amplification platform. With so much attention given to Vine, this was the natural next step for Instagram. This combined with Facebook’s ability to support hashtags as well as photos in comments are all signs that the platform’s future is tied to visual content both static and  active.

What does it say about the importance of visual content, and  short-form videos specifically?

Compelling and  relevant visual content has been a key element of driving engagement. An overwhelming majority of content shared is still tied to images. With that said, Vine and  Instagram Video now offer quick and  easy solutions for consumers to create short-form content. As brand s become even more comfortable with their guidelines tied to user generated content, short-form videos will be another viable alternative to support their existing content strategies.

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