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Introducing the EVC

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Introducing the EVC

If it seems like we just released another tool, it’s because we did– our colleagues at Fanscape shared some details on the SocialSUITE group of products, a listening and  social media analytics platform just a few weeks ago. This week, we’re proud to feature another new tool available for our clients– the EVC.

The EVC, or Event Valuation Calculator, is a modeling tool for projecting the ROI on an event. How can we accurately predict this?  Our Insights & Analytics team merged client and  consumer data from thousand s of events to create variable calculation frameworks. These frameworks dictate the value of the five stages to each other. Anchored in the client’s monetary value of a retained or acquired customer, the EVC weighs input on the event against the data to define the opportunity. At the conclusion of an event, the EVC compares and  contrasts event performance across the portfolio to create a benchmark for long- and  short-term values. As the database grows, the EVC becomes more of a proactive tool that compares real-time performance among relevant events.

For more information on how the EVC can help you, please contact   Kevin Holt.