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ITK: Digital Thought Bullets To Your Brain

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ITK: Digital Thought Bullets To Your Brain

Seriously, you don’t know passion until you’ve experienced a TMA In tha’ Know session. It’s pumped full of energetic presentations of great work, industry news, trends & technologies, plus a surprise musical guest — all to nourish our minds for inspiration and  success.

Dean of Digital   Brad Alesi kicked off October’s session with a rockin’   Pecha Kucha prezo featuring the hottest new apps and  innovations.

Then our brilliant team of conceptors   Scott Biggers,   Kate Kemp,   Stu Hill and    Dale Alexand er each shared some past idea pitches that didn’t make the cut. But there’s still hope that their fabulous conceptions will make their way out of limbo and  get the life they deserve.


Next, co-founder   Russ D’Souza stopped by to tell us about his New York-based company founded in 2009 — think the “Kayak of sports/concert tickets.”

Russ hated scouring the web for deals on Boston Celtics tickets, so he built software to do it for him. SeatGeek instantly scans and  ranks the offerings of 60 different ticket websites like eBay, StubHub and  Razorgator, grading each on a 100-point scale to identify the best ­bargains.

SeatGeek also launched a   Spotify app that scans your music library to provide you with a hand y timeline of band s coming through your hood, along with links to the best ticket prices and  a playlist for that artist. Smart stuff.

We’d be stoked to work with Russ & SeatGeek on future brand  opportunities!


To close out the session, Dallas pop artist   Bean graced us with a few awesome tunes. The adorable songstress is a force to be reckoned with, and  that is a huge understatement.


Now it’s time to pay it forward. Check out Bean’s music videos below and  grab her single   here.