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Jay Chiat Awards

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Jay Chiat Awards

The marketing industry is no stranger to celebration– there are a number of festivals and  awards that celebrate great ideas and  help the field evolve. The Cannes International Festival of Creativity (formerly Advertising) is the end all be all of contests for ground breaking creative. For promotions there are the PRO awards, organized by Promo Magazine. And while strategy may not be the most glamorous field, it certainly is not unrecognized; the Jay Chiat Awards for strategic excellence elevates and  rewards brilliant strategic thinking.

This year, TMA made the Jay Chiat shortlist in the category of research innovation for the Sports Property Index. We are proud our new product and  are thrilled to be recognized by the American Association of Advertising Agencies for innovations in the field of sports properties and  analytics. Congrats to everyone who played a part in the success of the SPI.   Click here for a list of all other contenders, and  we’ll have an update for you the second week of October.