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JCPenney Celebrates Self-Expression In New Back-to-School Campaign

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JCPenney Celebrates Self-Expression In New Back-to-School Campaign

JCPenney is celebrating self-expression during the back-to-school season with an interactive digital experience that shows how the perfect fit inspires kids to stand  out and  feel one-of-a-kind.  On July 16, TMA and  JCPenney launched the “Express Yourselfie” program for mobile web and  desktop browsers that allows users to create customized emojis from uploading their personal selfies.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.48.32 AMThe program lets users pick customized accessories, hairstyles, and  facial expressions to match their own personal style.  After a user has created their emoji, they can enter a sweepstakes to instantly win an e-gift card through an emoji “pick and  play” game, and  are then re-directed to shopping suggestions through JCPenney based on their personal style.

In addition, JCPenney partnered with Staples to allow users to easily print their emoji creations on objects of their choice.  Users can also share their creations via social media and  a public gallery through JCPenney.

The site can be accessed through until August 31.