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Jeff Gordon Gets Revenge in Pepsi MAX 'Test Drive 2' Video

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Jeff Gordon Gets Revenge in Pepsi MAX ‘Test Drive 2’ Video

When NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon   pranked a car salesman and  pretended to take a car on a super-charged test drive for a Pepsi commercial, the video went viral.

But not everyone was impressed.

Travis Okulski, a car enthusiast and  writer for   the blog Jalopnik,   went on TV to say he thought the video was faked.

Gordon heard the interview, and  decided to exact his revenge in what is a Pepsi commercial sequel.

As with the award-winning “  Uncle Drew” series of films starring Kyrie Irving, TMA Entertainment concepted the idea and  was responsible for the creative execution of the Jeff Gordon “Test Drive 2” video.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” ran the story in the video below.

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