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Jenga, Lobsters & Birthdays at the Strait

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Jenga, Lobsters & Birthdays at the Strait

On Sept. 16, the New York office’s 2nd Annual Mistake at the Strait was a fun-filled day out on the Hudson River. It was an afternoon out of the office and  on a three-story boat that cruised around Manhattan with eats, drinks, and  games.

It was a relaxing afternoon full of the best seafood, including fresh lobster rolls and  a raw bar. With the roof deck to ourselves, we created the 1st Annual TMA New York Jenga Tournament, where we learned you can, in fact, play Jenga on a moving boat. It was a nail biting challenge but nothing our NYers couldn’t hand le, but a few lucky winners claimed bragging rights.

We had three birthdays on board, and  there was plenty of chocolate cake to celebrate. Dan was onsite and  made sure that we all had plenty of Patron to drink and  everyone went home with a Mistake at the Strait t-shirt.